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We offer three pathways:
Voice management              Public speaking  
Spoken English for Immigrants

The level at which your life is lived is determined by your competence in speaking English. New Zealanders are offered the highest standard of education in the widest of fields,  but need training in sharing these skills when they communicate with other people of all nationalities.

At the Caisley Communication Consultancy located on Auckland’s North Shore, this speech training is offered to people from all walks of life.

Our Director has many years' experience teaching spoken English to professional people with qualifications and job skills from their own country but who need to be able to speak in English with clarity and confidence in order to succeed in the New Zealand job market.

Training gives clients the competitive edge for selection for career development and leadership roles.

Clients are offered supportive private or workplace tuition in public speaking to enhance their personal professionalism and increase their communication impact.

An option is available to gain a nationally recognised professional speaking qualification through Speech New Zealand to give you the competitive edge for your CV.



Studio Location: Forrest Hill, Auckland's North Shore
Phone: 09 4108738 or 0272755533
Email: caisley.enquiry@xtra.co.nz
Website: www.caisleyspeech.co.nz

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