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At the Caisley Communication Consultancy we offer adults and high school students personalised training programmes to:
  * provide a secure confidential learning environment
  * recognise potential and meet occupational performance
  * develop vocal skills
  * change life-time speaking habits
  * strengthen face-to-face communication
  * overcome camera shyness
  * learn to speak with authority
  * discover their unique speaking style
  * gain in self-assurance
  * market their personal skills on-line
Many adults want to gain specialised speaking qualifications which were not available when they were young. These are provided by Speech New Zealand with their Professional Speaking assessments which are recognised nationally. private tuition

Personalised training programmes: are offered to adults at the Caisley Communication Consultancy. These are designed to develop the clients' potential and to meet occupational performance criteria. Many of our clients come for development of their vocal skills and for this it is considered that a private lesson affords a more discrete learning environment. Adults have a clear awareness of their needs because they are already in the market place and recognise the areas in which they need development. By attending a sequence of lessons they can start to change old life-time habits and take on the new style of speaking with authority.

Voice training and development: is integral to all the work in the Consultancy but of course there is far more opportunity to develop every speaker's voice to its full potential with private coaching.

The goal: is to increase confidence in sharing ideas with other people by listening and responding to what they have to say on any given topic. Emphasis is placed on the give-and-take of conversation, of the synergy that occurs when two or three people are gathered together.


Studio Location: Forrest Hill, Auckland's North Shore
Phone: 09 4108738 or 0272755533
Email: caisley.enquiry@xtra.co.nz
Website: www.caisleyspeech.co.nz

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