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Effective communication is well recognised as the basic skill underlying success in the workplace. Those who have the ability to express their thoughts and ideas orally either face-to-face or on-screen, to interact personally with others and to use words confidently and persuasively, will have the leading edge in the workplace no matter what their role or responsibilities.

For some individuals it is not until their early career years that they realise the need for public speaking training to give them the confidence to step out into their adult lives.

People of all ages must learn the secrets of meeting people and being accepted

Managers need to learn to be more convincing

At the Caisley Communication Consultancy all students acquire a sense of accomplishment.
All courses include training and experience in public speaking. Students learn to be more assertive and value their own ideas. They develop confidence in forming opinions and sharing them courteously with their peers and with other age groups.

Opportunities are given to speak one-on-one, one to a small group and command the attention of a larger listening audience.

Overcoming shyness allows our students to:
  * Use their voices confidently
  * Meet and greet people comfortably
  * Join in conversations
  * Socialise more

As soon as young adults begin to promote and market themselves, either in person or on-screen, they realise that the MOST important skill is public speaking. Often people who have been in the workforce for many years come to realise that the skills they most need are:
  * Presentation speaking * Leadership skills
  * Voice management * Impromptu speaking
  * Interpersonal skills * Report reading
  * Listening skills * Non-verbal communication

All of these skills are included in public speaking training at the Caisley Communication Consultancy. Our students may learn in small workplace groups or enjoy the specialised attention of private tuition where their particular needs can be met either in face-to-face or on-line sessions.

Students may choose whether they want the endorsement of an external assessment offered nationally face-to-face or on-line by Speech New Zealand.
Adults already in the workplace may enter Professional Speaking assessments to gain a nationally recognised certificate of competence.


Studio Location: Forrest Hill, Auckland's North Shore
Phone: 09 4108738 or 0272755533
Email: caisley.enquiry@xtra.co.nz
Website: www.caisleyspeech.co.nz

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